The Science Behind Cutting-Edge Antimicrobial Technology: How Our Cutting Boards Keep Your Kitchen Germ-Free

durch Stanislav Ukhanov auf December 13, 2023

In the quest for a hygienic kitchen, the material of your cutting board plays a pivotal role. Our cutting boards, equipped with the latest antimicrobial technology, are not just a culinary tool but a scientific innovation in kitchen hygiene. But how exactly does antimicrobial technology work to keep your kitchen germ-free?

The Power of Antimicrobial Technology

Silver has been used since ancient times for its antimicrobial properties. Through modern research and science, the antimicrobial properties of silver have been further developed, into a form that is safe for humans and the environment called silver phosphate glass.
When incorporated into materials like thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), this technology provide a continuous defense against bacteria and microbes. It disrupts the bacterial cell membrane, effectively stopping reproduction and growth.

Why using Antimicrobial Technology in Cutting Boards?

The kitchen is a hotspot for cross-contamination. Traditional cutting boards can harbor bacteria and lead to foodborne illnesses. The Antimicrobial Technology in our TPU cutting boards ensures a safer cooking environment by continuously inactivating microbial growth.

Safety and Efficacy

Our cutting boards are designed with your safety in mind. The antimicrobial technology are integrated in a way that they remain active throughout the life of the board without compromising food safety. This technology has been rigorously tested to ensure it meets high standards of efficacy and safety.

A Sustainable Choice

Not only are these cutting boards antimicrobial, but they are also eco-friendly. TPU is a sustainable material, and the addition of silver phosphate glass technology extends the life of the board, reducing waste.


Embracing the power of science, our cutting boards equipped with antimicrobial technology offer a revolutionary way to enhance kitchen hygiene. They are a testament to how traditional methods can be transformed by modern technology for a healthier, safer home.


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