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Does a mask-case really need "holes"?

This question can be answered with an unequivocal YES! To explain why the mask case really needs "holes", we have to take a step back and look at the germs (bacteria, fungi and viruses) in our mouth. Bacteria in the mouth? Not me! But you also have bacteria in your mouth! (Link to the study) But that is completely normal.

Bacteria in the mouth? Not me!

Yes you too! But this is completely normal.
Thus, every mask that has already been worn is contaminated with bacteria from our oral cavity. We can also "smell" these bacteria. For example, when a worn (hygiene) mask smells "musty" when it is put on again. The unpleasant smell is caused by the bacteria that celebrate their own festival on the mask and multiply happily. On the one hand, our breath is moist and warm. The perfect breeding ground for the bacteria that are also found in the breath. Now some want to make it extra good and store the mask in an airtight container, like a plastic bag. However, this is counterproductive as it is like an incubator. The moisture remains trapped in the airtight container and allows the bacteria and fungi to multiply explosively. Studies show that only a small percentage of mask wearers properly wash or disinfect masks daily. The ... shows that 98% of respondents who put on masks unwashed, do so several times. If I put this mask on again, the bacteria come into contact with the skin around the mouth and can lead to massive skin blemishes, fungal infections and allergy symptoms.

There is way more than just the Corona Viruses!

In the last few months, everything has revolved around the Corona viruses. But at this point, let's turn our attention to the other "everyday" viruses that can be found in the mouth from time to time. When we have a cold, there are many cold viruses in the mouth. These are also exhaled onto the mask with the breath and remain on the mask for different hours, depending on the virus.

If we put the mask with the mentioned bacteria and viruses in an airtight container, the viruses do not multiply (compared to the bacteria), but remain active for many hours. When the mask is put back on (after being stored in an airtight container), the bacteria, fungal spores and viruses enter our mouth and nose again. Solution: Here comes the JiC mask case! We have designed it to be breathable and highly antiviral for the reasons mentioned above.
As soon as the mask is allowed to dry, the incubator effect is no longer present and the bacteria can only multiply with difficulty.

Is my mask automatically disinfected when I place it in the case?

All germs (viruses, bacteria and fungi) that touch the material of the JiC mask case are inactivated within 30 seconds. Due to the many different types of masks and also the quality standards of the individual masks, no uniform statement can be made here.

Our JiC masks have a 4-fold protection (antiviral + antibacterial & hydrophobic, hydrophilic) This mask makes it difficult for viruses and bacteria to adhere to the fabric and survive longer due to the hydrophobic and antiviral barrier. If a JiC mask is used in combination with the case, the protection for the wearer and his environment is massively increased. What about other community masks? If you prefer a different style or form of community masks, we clearly recommend the masks from Livinguard and the HeiQ coated masks. These are of equally good quality and, in combination with the JiC mask case, offer stylish and hygienic all-round protection. Wie verhält es sich mit den medizinischen Masken? Die medizinischen Masken verfügen über eine gute Filtrationseffizienz sind aber NICHT antiviral. Selbstverständlich steigert es erheblich die Hygiene und senkt das Risiko einer Infektion, wenn Sie die medizinischen Masken in dem JiC-Masken Case aufbewahren. Da die diese Masken jedoch nicht mit der ganzen Fläche also (<100%) den Case berühren, kann hier nicht von einer vollständigen Desinfektion gesprochen werden. Um medizinische Masken zu desinfizieren, sollten diese in dem Case mit Desinfektionsmittel von beiden Seiten vollständig eingesprüht und zum Trocknen beiseitegelegt werden. Somit können Sie FFP2 Masken wiederverwenden.

How long does my mask have to be in the case until it is completely disinfected?

That depends on many factors. How wet is the mask? Is it moist from breathing or from being sprayed with disinfectant? And then it also depends on the type of mask. By this I mean, above all, what material the mask is made of and how many layers it has. The more layers the mask has, the longer it takes to dry. If you want to speed up the drying process, you can leave the case open for a short time or put it on a heater or the "warm laptop", etc. The mask can also be put on a dryer.

Do I need to spray my mask with disinfectant spray when I put it in the case?

If you are wearing masks that have NOT been antivirally coated, we strongly recommend that you spray both sides of the masks with disinfectant. However, if you wear JiC masks or other antiviral masks, it does not require additional disinfection in the case.

How much disinfectant spray do I need to put on my mask?

Again, it depends on the type of mask and the different layers. We recommend soaking the mask completely and then letting it dry.

What do I do with my mask overnight?

You can also store the masks overnight in the JiC mask case. If the mask is still slightly moist after disinfection, you can open the case overnight so that the mask can dry completely the next day.

If my mask is still wet from the disinfectant spray, can I still put it on?

This is not a problem. Breathing at the beginning of donning will be difficult with an alcohol-based disinfectant. This is because there is still some residual alcohol in the substance that needs to evaporate. Putting on a freshly disinfected mask with either a water-based or alcohol-based disinfectant is not harmful to health.

Can I use the case for all mask types?

In principle, the case can be used for all mask types. The JiC masks and all other masks in the 10x20cm format fit perfectly into the case. Masks with a different format have to be placed in the case with a little creativity.

Do I also have to disinfect the case?

The mask case does NOT need to be disinfected as it inactivates viruses and bacteria after 30 seconds. However, over time the case will become dusty or dirty from use (but germ-free) and should be briefly washed with a little washing-up liquid and lukewarm tap water.

For how long is the Safe-Case antiviral??

The antiviral capability, which is sometimes also based on silver ions, is woven into the lattice structure of the plastic and is thus given over the lifetime of the material. In other words, the antivirality is given for a very long period of time. We have not yet been able to determine in the laboratory whether this property is no longer present after 10 or only after 20 years.

In any case, we are proud to have developed such a durable and resource-saving product.

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